Yup. You read it right! We We are on a mission to rid every single Aussie of their hangovers. Why? Because hangovers SUCK. I have never, ever in my life heard someone say 'god I loved that hangover' or 'can't wait to have that hangover again'. So if you are all about better nights out and better morning afters, you're in the right place!

Why We Exist

Kooky Kits was founded by an adventurous neurodivergent searching for a hangover kit as a bridal party gift and was totally underwhelmed with what she found. Anything decent had to be shipped from the US, and she struggled to find anything based on Australia!

So we put together the hangover kits money can buy and are now here to spread the word Australia wide!

A Long Time Coming

We only just started this business in 2022, but it wasn't the first time we had the idea. Back in 2018 we were planning a corporate party for some hospo heavyweights, and we looked EVERYWHERE for hangover kits and couldn't find them.
We ultimately had to make them ourselves and it took a whole day to find all the items, and then madly pack them whilst guests were arriving.
Needless to say, guests loved them and while they didn't post about our party, they all shared their pics of the hangover kits the next day.
From there an idea was brewing!

Humble Beginnings

Our idea was to make hangover kits as bridal party gifts for a wedding, but we had so many left over items from all the bulk purchases that we couldn't let them go to waste.
We put together the first packs and listed them on Etsy. Honestly, it was just a bit of fun. But surprisingly we had our first order within days.
It told us that people really need a decent hangover cure in a cool and compact kit that can be used anywhere. We were stoked!

What The Future Holds

Since starting this little business on etsy we have been overwhelmed with love and support from Australian's far and wide. We even had a bunch of orders to Canada! So we are excited to see what will come of our little business and how we can continue to give hangover relief to everyone!

Thank You To You

If you are even reading this, it tells us you are interested in what we do and how we came about. Just by visiting our page you are helping us reach more people and reduce more hangovers! Epic.
So thank you from the bottom of our hearts....

Join Our Mission

You can help us achieve our mission of no more hangovers by purchasing a hangover kit for yourself, a friend or simply by following us on social media and throwing some love on our content. If you too wish for a world without hangovers, become a Kooky Kits supporter!

Find Out More

What is a Kooky Kit?

Read all about what our hangover kits are, how they are used and why they work so well!

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How to Choose Your Kit

Most kits are multipurpose but we have some handy hints to help you pick the best hangover kit for your needs.

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What Products Are In A Kit?

We have a variety of products in each Kooky Kit all chosen for their various benefits.

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