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Hangover = Over

Your hens night should be a night to remember, not a morning to regret. Let our hens party hangover kits ease your next day blues and let you have the night of your life.

Show Me

When Day Rolls Into Night

Ever had a day that was just such a good vibe it rolled into night? It is the moments you let go of time and just enjoy the moment. But you shouldn't be punished with the hangover from hell the next day....

I'm Keen

Birthday Party Blues?

A birthday should be a joyous moment, filled with memories of love and laughter. But with that comes too many beers and the following morning is hectic. Keep your birthday memories of the awesome night, not the crappy hangover the next day!

No More Hangover

Choose Your Adventure

The Lightweight

You know you are having some drinks but you doubt it will be a big night. Nevertheless you want to get up early and enjoy the day. No headache, no hangover - you want to feel great and to really embrace the day.
You need something to take the edge off

Yeah, that's me

The Weekend Delight

You've worked hard all week and it's Friday. There's probably a beer or bubbles already at your desk and after work drinks you're hitting up a quaint new bar that opened up just last week. The cocktails are calling.
You know you'll need some help tomorrow.

Sounds Like Me

The Bender

So last time your fav DJ came to town you ended up with a Beetlejuice tattoo and a shiner. You're at every after party, after the after party. But you're smart and you know better than to let a hangover ruin your day.
You need maximum hangover help.

Let Me Party


We are a pretty social bunch around here and we'd love to watch you enjoy your nights to remember, and your days of easy recovery. You can follow us on pretty much all social platforms @kookykits

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