What is in a Kooky Kits Hangover Kit?

Our Kooky Kits hangover kits have a variety of items depending on the type of kit you choose. Some of the brands we use do vary based on availability of stock, but we replace these with similar items to ensure a smooth hangover for all!

Not all of the items below are in every kit. Please make sure you read each kit overview to make sure you are getting the items you need. 

Emergency Items

Our recovery kits contain emergency items that you can use at any stage of your night out or during your hangover recovery. Such as:

  • Bandaids
    • Band aids for any scrapes or blisters that you might get during the night or be recovering from the next day!
  • Tissues
    • Really they are multipurpose but we like the think the tissues are for all the broken hearts you're leaving behind as you walk away! (or while you're a blubbering mess during the wedding speeches)
  • Condoms
    • I don't think I need to tell you what this one is for. Safety always first gents! And if you're the groom - be a dude and hand this over to your single groomsmen.

Hygiene Items

Gum & Breath Fresheners

Fresh breath all day if you don't have time to brush and are racing to the office / wedding / appointment. We use a series of gum, breath strips and mouthwash across our hangover kits.

Hand Sanitiser

Because COVID. And just because we all want to feel clean after a big night out.  We use delicious smelling hand sanitiser (I know so uncommon) to cleanse the grub and dirt away and keep you safe and sanitary!

Wipes for Your Bits

These ones are for the ladies.... you know what they are. Every schmoo needs love too! Whilst designed for your hoohaa, they can also double as handwipes and facewipes (seriously - they're PH balanced!)

Deodorants & Perfume

Pocket size deos and perfumes help you to stay smelling great all night and all the next day!

Grooming Items

We all know that part of feeling better after a big night is all about how you look. The dreaded walk of shame or generally being unprepared and having to face the world is a massive hangover enhancer.

We provide a series of grooming products to help you look and smell amazing. The better you feel about how you look, the more dopamine you produce, the quicker your hangover subsides. 

Face Cleanser

We are die hard converts for moxi pods and we always aim to have these in every kit! These clever powder-filled pods feature innovative exfoliating properties that effectively cleanse, brighten and hydrate your skin, whilst also soothing due to enriched ingredients like oat extracts, coconut oil and rice powder. Inspired by ancient Japanese beauty rituals that Geisha's would use to achieve flawless textures. They are literally tiny and simply require water to activate the powder. You can thank us later. #welovemoxi (and no we are in no way affiliated with Moxi!)

Face Moisturiser

We use high quality and well known brands (Nivea, Dove etc) to follow on from the cleanser so you can have glowing, vibrant skin.

Hand & Body Moisturiser

For our VIP kits we use premium quality moisturisers. Keep your body, hands and feet in perfect condition using these decadent creams. The Altai sea buckthorn cream butter and amaranth oil will provide daily nourishing and deep moisturizing for the skin. Cranberry seed oil nourishes the skin with essential vitamins, has a healing effect and perfectly protects the skin from harmful environmental influences (like the 7 espresso martinis you drank last night!).

Hair Ties

A couple of hair ties (the good ones, without the metal bit) to throw that bed hair into a messy bun!

Bobby Pins / Hair Pins

In keeping with the hair ties, to tame your mane and keep you looking slick

Lip Balm

We prefer to use the Vivir Organics super cute lip ball. This gorgeous round rose gold ball lip balm will quickly become a crowd favourite. Made from organic coconut oil it glides on easily and is far superior to paw paw lip balms. One try and you'll be a convert!


Well we wanted to jam a hairbrush in there, but there just wasn't enough room!

Emery Board

Some hangover kits contain an emery board for any fingernail breakages!

Disposable Razor

Perfect to get you ready for your meeting, wedding or just freshen up to keep the party going without you looking like a wooly mammoth.

Items Before Your Night Ends

All premium and VIP hangover kits have been designed to have a phased approach to help cure a hangover. This means taking them before bed!


The importance of reducing dehydration is one of THE most critical parts to reducing a hangover. So in all premium or VIP hangover kits we supply a number of electrolyte options. Typically we suggest the Hydralyte powder be taken with a big glass of water before bed! 

Items for the Next Day

Protein Powder / Protein Snacks

Protein is another essential element to getting over a hangover, so whilst we would love to jam a bacon sarnie in there - it's just not practical. Instead we use protein powder sachets or bars in our kits. 

They both contain all the essential amino acids, including cysteine – an amino acid suggested to help your body rid itself of the toxins that induce a hangover.

Protein is critical in giving your recovering body the nutrients it needs. Our VIP protein powders are typically vegan pea protein isolate using natural flavours and including a natural digestive enzyme to help you through the next day  to reduce stomach ache and heartburn.

Mood Boosters

These can either be in the form of mood boosting drinks, sachets or snacks. We love the Shine Energy Drinks - they are a little bit sweet, a little bit tart, and a whole lot of better energy. Shine contains natural nootropics, a new twist on age-old ingredients that will help energise and awaken your mind.

Pain Relief

We typical use water soluble pain killers to get you through your post party headache!! However we do not recommend taking pain relief before be. Over-the-counter painkillers peak in about four hours, so a bedtime dose won’t help by the time you wake up. 

Energy Boosters & Snacks

We have a variety of energy snacks and sticks in our hangover kits. We love the Healthy Care Jellee+ Energy Booster Jelly Sticks - they enhance energy levels and support mental endurance. Contains Korean ginseng extract, vitamin B2, green coffee extract and guarana seed extract for the perfect mid day energy boost.


Need your morning coffee but running late for a meeting? Or simply don't have the time to hit up your fav local coffee shop. Simply find some boiling water, mix and drink.


Our mini kits all have one sachet of electrolytes, but our premium and VIP kits all contain the phenomenal Hydrodol AFTER power electrolyte sachets. Hydrodol are an Aussie company and provide an Australian made combination of Electrolytes, Vitamins, Turmeric & Ginger to help you kick start your morning or big day! Perfect to have as soon as your bleary eyes start to open! Just mix with water.

Heartburn Relief

Too much beer or bourbon got your guts in a knot? Many of our kits contain heartburn chewables or liquid sachets. Definitely worth having before bed and in the morning. 


Are We Missing Something?

Do you think we should have another product type in our kits? Do you have an awesome product you think would work great in our hangover kits? We want to know! We are always open to suggestions and if the company is an Aussie company - even bloody better! Hit us up on email hello@kookykits.com


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